Our Library Profile

Fully Automated Library

  Library is fully automated with LIBSOFT- an Integrated Library Management Software (ILMS) which provides a very user-friendly interface for searching documents (OPAC) available in the library and their issue-status.
 Year of Automation: 2002
 The Web-OPAC is available at https://kcmt.libsoft.org/ through remote access facility.
 The automated Gate Register facilities of the software manage the daily visits to the library and provide usage statistics on all categories of visitors.


  The library has a wide and varied collection of books and journals, including international journals
 Collection of Learning Resources: including Print (Books) : 12,948
 E-books : 1500
 Subscribed National & International Journals/periodicals - 52
 Project Reports
 Back Volumes of Periodicals
 Previous University Question Papers
 Rare books with archival values, books of International, National and Regional Importance, Indian Culture and History.

Loan Criteria

Borrowers No. of Books Loan Period
Faculty 12 90 Days
Staff 2 30 Days
PG Students 4 14 days
UG Students 2 14 days

Organisation of the Library

  The library has three main sections: the circulation section, the reference section, and the reading room. All the materials in the library are scientifically classified and arranged into various sections as per the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC).
 Faculty and students have the facility of open access to all the collections available in the library. The entire functions of the library are managed with the help of "LIBSOFT - an integrated Library Management Software". The whole library is under the surveillance of C.C. TV Cameras.
 The library has a collection of 12,948books under different titles. The main areas of interest of this library are Computer science, Management, Commerce, Psychology, Physiology, Geology, English, Literature, Mathematics, Economics, Law, and Statistics.
 The library has a rich collection of about 1857 books in the reference section on different branches of knowledge. 60 members can use the reading room facility at any time. Facilities are also provided in the stack room for reference. Library has a special collection set up for users who are preparing for competitive examinations like TOFEL, JRF ,GRE, NET, SET, GATE, Bank P.O, and Civil Service examinations
 The library has a dedicated page on the college website which gives all the information about the library. New arrivals are displayed on a special rack for two weeks. A list of newly arrived books is also given on the library homepage of the college website. Two systems are in use in the library for searching in the OPAC. OPAC Search now available on Android format.


  Book Lending Service/Circulation :  Library provides open access for all books to its Students, Faculty and Staff.
 Book Reservation :  The facility may be available by reporting to the circulation desk. One can reserve a book, if the same book is not available on the shelf.
 User Guidance Service :  The Library organises a Library Orientation Programme for new entrants at the beginning of the academic year. The aim of this programme is to make the new members familiar with the library's resources, services, and rules so that they can avail library services to a great extent.
 Reprographic Service : The Library provides a photocopy service to its users through its reprographic centre.
 OPAC Search :  Through OPAC the users can search for any books required in the library software using Title, Author, Publication, or any other key words. Now the facility available on Android Platform.
 New Arrival Awareness Service : The newly arrived books are displayed in a separate section in front of the library.
 E books are available at -- https://library.kristujyoticollege.com
 Orientation Programmes for the users
 New Arrival Display
 Rare books and Archives (Print)

Roles & Aims

  The library's role is to support learning and research by providing focused collections, and assistance in the use of information resources, information services, and a pleasant, functional environment in which to work and study.
 The library's aim is to provide students with a friendly, relevant, and expert service and to equip them with the information literacy skills to engage in a lifetime of learning.
 The library staff is available to help you discover the wide range of printed and electronic resources. .
 They assist you in the identification and collection of resources. A number of computer terminals are available in the library
 These can be used for study purposes. Printing and photocopying are also available at Library.